Chimney Rebuilding

Are you moving into a new home with a damaged chimney, or do you need renovations? Well, you can get it done from City Line Chimney, New Albany, OH!   (614) 957-8653 Hire Expert Masons for Your Chimney Rebuilding Needs in New Albany, OH Is your chimney showing signs of wear and tear? Is the mortar […]

Chimney Damper Installation/Repair

Don’t delay your damper repair until your chimney becomes inoperable; let City Line Chimney New Albany, OH fix them so they run without fault! Choose Our Expert Chimney Damper Installation and Repair Services in New Albany, OH Ever tried to light a fire, but smoke just started billowing back into your home? Or maybe you’ve noticed […]

Chimney Draft Issues

Don’t ruin your warm evening by the fireplace with smoke filling the room. Get your chimney drafts inspected and have a clear and pleasant time.   (614) 957-8653 Opt for the Exceptional Chimney Draft Service in New Albany, OH Facing a chilly New Albany winter with a poorly functioning chimney can be an absolute nightmare. Don’t […]

Chimney Waterproofing

Water damage is one of the biggest threats to your chimney’s integrity. Protect it from leaks and deterioration with our professional waterproofing services in New Albany, OH. Hire #1 Chimney Waterproofing Services in New Albany, OH Are you tired of dealing with your chimney’s recurrent water damage issues? Perhaps your living space feels damp, the […]

Chimney Crown Repair

Don’t let a damaged chimney crown cause costly structural damage to your home. Our City Line Chimney, New Albany, OH team offers reliable and efficient crown repair services to protect your chimney and your wallet.   (614) 957-8653 Exceptional Chimney Crown Repair Services in New Albany, OH and Surrounding Areas! A chimney crown in disrepair is not […]

Chimney Flashing Repair

Protect your chimney from leaks and water damage with our expert chimney flashing repair services. Trust the team at City Line Chimney, New Albany, OH, to keep your home safe and dry.   (614) 957-8653 Top-Notch Chimney Flashing Repair Services in New Albany, OH Dealing with a leaky chimney can be a significant source of worry […]

Chimney Liner Installation/Repair

Whether you need a new chimney liner or your current one needs repair, City Line Chimney, New Albany, is here to help. Our team of experts in New Albany, OH, will ensure that your chimney liner is functioning properly.   (614) 957-8653 Exceptional Chimney Liner Installation/Repair Services in New Albany, OH & Surrounding Areas If your […]

Chimney Cap Installation

Hire the professional team at City Line Chimney, New Albany, to install your chimney cap in New Albany, OH, and protect your home from debris, wild animals, and weather.   (614) 957-8653 Opt for Professional Chimney Cap Installation Services in New Albany, OH We understand New Albany homeowners’ struggles when dealing with a chimney lacking a […]

Chimney Repair

Do you have a damaged chimney that causes smokiness in your home? Let’s get your chimneys repaired with City Line Chimney, New Albany, OH, to have better smoke emissions from your fireplaces! Opt for Expert Chimney Repair Services in New Albany, OH Chimneys are the protective shield of your home’s heating system. However, like any […]

Chimney Inspection

Are you tired of your unpredictable chimney troubles? It’s time to bid farewell to all your worries with the City Line Chimney, New Albany’s expert chimney inspection services! Experience the Peace of Mind with New Albany’s Trusted Chimney Inspection Service Unexpected chimney issues can frustrate you and interrupt your snuggling time during cold weather in […]